Liberty leaders - Moshe Feiglin and Derry Benjamin Shribman

Derry Benjamin Shribman (47)

One of the most brilliant technologists in the world who has worked to promote trust and freedom in the world, using technological tools!

A 9-year-old programmer and serial entrepreneur who succeeded in startup after startup he founded. He started with DASoft at age 13, an engineer at ChipExpress, Optibase, and even at CheckPoint in its early years, founded KRFTech, and two years later, Jungo sold for $ 107 million, and without resting a minute after the exit, founded Hola - which gained over 100 million users, and continued with the creation of Luminati (Bright Data) - that was sold for about $200M in 2017, in between initiating HolaCDN, founding Hola Spark, and a fresh EyeContact venture from last year.

Starting with the Z80 Assembly of Sinclair ZX Spectrum, through the SID and sprites of the COMMODORE 64, built a 300Baud modem, worked with communication satellites, set up and operated BBSs, developed an Embedded version for Linux and with it the first Residential Gateway in a world based. Open source - OpenRG, and development of many products in the field of IPTV, IPPBX VoIP VOD, P2P Streaming.

Derry also wrote many patents, including: DHCP accelerator in 2005, DNS accelerator, went on to HTTP P2P accelerator, caching systems, and groundbreaking P2P algorithms to enable streaming.

From a deep libertarian worldview, all of his ventures were opened by him, almost entirely for the free and free use of the open source community. So too have all his products come to free the internet from censorship and restrictions, starting with NationZone by the creation of free WiFi, through Hola which thanks to groundbreaking P2P technology, allowed the Turks to access Twitter when Erdogan was offended by them and blocked them in 2014. So too Hola is increasing freedom in Russia by opening a Facebook block in the country, and even thanks to it the Pakistanis were able to educate from Wikipedia blocked by the authorities. This allows free and open access to the Internet for anyone without vested gatekeepers. Among the many countries in which the company operates, where its services are considered particularly popular, can be found dictatorships and totalitarian countries such as Syria where Wikipedia use is restricted, Turkey, where most social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, China, Cuba, Ethiopia, Iran, Belarus, Bahrain, North Korea, Russia and more. Thus, Hola reached over 100 million users!

Moshe Feiglin (58)

Chairman of the Zehut Party, a former Knesset member who is known as the Knight of Freedom of Expression and Individual Rights. During the course of his career, he worked towards the reduction of the state apparatus, reduction of over-legislation, abolishment of some government ministries and maintaining public coffers, the separation of Religion from politics, and worked towards implementing the dissolution of the Israel Land Authority to lower housing prices. He also proposed a neoliberal economic plan to open up a free market and lower prices through competition, worked to promote autonomy in education and more - all to promote freedom and reduce the state's grip on citizens' lives.

Feiglin: "When the government decided to enslave us with the green passport, I wanted to allow people to issue a gold passport for human freedom and I debated with Deri how to produce a civilian tool that would preserve our freedom. Only then did I begin to understand the professional scale of this wonderful man. I have never met a technological genius. And such a rapid recruitment ability of the great developers - people who have each set up and sold large high-tech companies - who are focused on the rapid development of a great idea."

According to the vision of Feiglin and Shribman, the LIF network is in fact an attempt to offer people a practical, down-to-earth option to change the reality of their lives. Not by casting a ballot in elections periodically, but by adopting a structure that will provide each person with freedom, independence and personal, economic and political freedom.

Freedom seekers creating the Public Internet

Lior Yado

LIF Strategist and Campaign Manager. Strategic consultant, with a background in behavioral economics and public policy, manages political and public campaigns, specializes in market research and audience analysis, branding and visual strategy, marketing strategy and crisis management.

Shai Malka

Lawyer, businessman and strategic and business consultant. Has a rich background in the establishment and management of third sector organizations and business entities, political consulting, crisis management and leading public and political campaigns. Former CEO of Zehut party.